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The dentists and staff of Rehoboth Health Network and Family Dentistry specialize in a wide variety of procedures involving emergency dental procedures and urgent care. The facility serves the Converse, Texas and San Antonio, Texas area, as well as many surrounding communities such as New Braunfels, Seguin, Schertz, TX.

Urgent Care Q & A

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When is Urgent Care Needed?

Many people rely on urgent care when an accident or illness presents itself after their normal doctor or dentist's regular business hours. Urgent care facilities stay open much longer than a regular private practice and offer a much wider variety of services and procedures than a primary care dentist. Urgent care specialists are able to treat emergencies that may not necessarily require an emergency room visit but are more serious than what a person would normally visit a dentist for. This can include injuries to the mouth and face, as well as lost teeth and oral surgery procedures that require more experience than one would expect from a primary care practitioner.

What Procedures Does an Urgent Care Facility Offer?

Urgent care facilities offer many of the same procedures as an emergency room but end when the care evolves into a trauma situation. An urgent care practitioner often has emergency room experience and can perform simple surgical procedures including stitches and suturing, surgical tooth extraction, and emergency restorative procedures such as implanting a tooth that was knocked out. If a person is unsure of whether or not to go to an urgent care facility or an emergency room, they should ask themselves if the injury has the potential to be life threatening. If so, the patient should be taken immediately to the emergency room.

When is an Emergency Room Needed?

Emergency rooms are often filled with individuals who could have easily been treated at an urgent care facility. The rule of thumb to be taken into consideration is the question of life or death. If a person's illness or injury is life-threatening, there is no question that the emergency room is the only choice. If a person is in need of immediate medical or dental attention, but they have no life threatening injuries or issues that are causing a large loss of blood or a heightened risk of unconsciousness, then an urgent care facility may be able to sufficiently provide treatment. Carefully assess the person's injuries and make the decision based on their immediate need.

Insurance Plans and Information

Prospective patients with no insurance or individuals who will be paying out of pockets are encouraged to call our office at 210-998-3013. Our goal is to ensure we work with you to obtain appropriate affordable quality care.

For more information regarding insurance plans and application processes, our office offers a free service to educate you about various dental insurance plans, their application process, and logistics. We offer this service free for both Medicaid patients and private insurance patients. However, we do require you to call our office to schedule a free ten minutes consult for this.

Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield
Assurant Dental Health Alliance (PPO)
CARE (Consolidated Association of Railroad Employees)
Careington Care Platinum
Delta Dental PPO
GEHA Connection Dental

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