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At Rehoboth Health Network and Family Dentistry (aka Rehoboth), we are committed to educating our patients and the public on basic information with regards to oral health issues. On a regular basis, we will be posting important set of power-point slides for our patients, potential patients and the public to view and learn from.

These series of short teachings will provide basic education with regards to oral health, oral care and other systemic diseases that are related to oral diseases. Please watch out monthly for new lesson series on oral health.

  1. Understanding Bad Breath.

  2. How to Prevent Caries (Cavities) in Children and Adults.

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Rehoboth Health Network and Family Dentistry is committed to providing oral health education to her patients, to the public and particularly to students. Based on this we have developed three level of educational program

  1. ROHES: For Rehoboth Patients

  2. ROHES: For Middle and High School Students

  3. ROHES: Committed to providing additional resources, teaching resources and other related resources for the Judson High School Dental Assisting Program.



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