• Better Than Dentures And Bridges.

    on Oct 27th, 2016

Why should patients have to suffer when there is a way for them to get premium quality treatment at an affordable price. Mini Dental Implants enable patients with missing teeth to enjoy life on a new level. Imagine being afraid of your smile. It happens all the time. Millions of people are not proud of their smiles. Rehoboth Dentistry is changing that.

Mini Dental implants can replace missing teeth. They can also turn wobbly uncomfortable dentures into sturdy fixtures. Rehoboth Dentistry has taken the time to equip itself with the latest knowledge and technology so that they would be able provide this treatment.

Did we mention that this procedure can be done in just one hour? 

So why isn't everybody doing it? The simple truth is that people ARE doing it. Thousands of people are getting mini dental implants, and they are sharing their results in pictures, on tv and with their family and friends.

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